Odds & Sods

We hope all our customers are happy with their purchases. However, in the event you may wish to return your order please read the following information.

We offer a seven day money back guarantee on all purchases if you change your mind.

You must notify us within 48 hours of receiving the goods that you intend to return them; we will then issue you with a returns number or ‘RN’ in short. Goods returned without an RN number will be refused and returned to sender, the goods you wish to return must reach us within 7 working days of your notification of intent to return the item

We reserve the right to refuse goods received outside this 7-day period and if not in the original packaging or as new.

Your statutory rights are not affected. On receipt of the returned goods we will either exchange them, credit your account or process a full refund minus postage costs*.

All returns that are not presented to one of our stalls must be made using the Royal Mail Standard Parcels or Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery Options. Please ask the post office for proof of postage.

Items returned not using the above services will NOT be reimbursed. (i.e. A customer returning an item via Royal Mail Special Delivery or Parcel Force 48 hour, will NOT be eligible for a return cost refund as these are very expensive services).

Please note that you, the customer will be responsible for all incurred postage costs for returning items to us unless you are returning the items because of an error on our behalf as explained above.

All materials used are pre-treated at source, as well as being treated by us prior to being sold. We cannot be held responsible for any material once it has been sold. Please remember we use natural material, which will weather and age over time – just like the rest of us.


Commissions can only be agreed once a deposit and an understanding of works have been discussed, understood and accepted. Please contact us for further details.

The products we sell our all sourced from sustainable sources. All trees and wood must have a license before it can be cut. This is policed with a required unique stamp and serial number which acts as proof that the wood is under legal and environmental control. For every tree that is taken a further six planted in its place.

One of the main woods used in our products is called ‘Rain tree wood’, scientifically known as ‘Samanea Saman’ or known to the locals as ‘Suar’ or ‘Suwar’. Rain tree wood is native to South America and throughout the tropics, stretching from Asia to Africa, etc. Because of its fast growing properties, Rain tree wood is easily replaceable and makes it the favoured wood for craftsman and importers. We also have handcrafted items made from Albesia, Bamboo, Jampanese and crocodile wood to mention a few.

We use a large amount of corrugated paper in our packaging, this is 100% recycled and bio-degradable. Where possible we package delicate items in shredded paper to ensure that all waste paper in our warehouse is re-used.

Because of the fragile nature of our items, we do need to use bubble wrap in our packaging to protect items, but would ask all customers to keep the bubble wrap and reuse where possible.

Your handcrafted wooden product is totally natural. It is not mass produced by machine from factory treated wood so your new purchase may be affected by several factors if not looked after properly.


Natural wooden products do not like great amounts of heat , be it central heating or direct sunlight. We would advise that your item is not placed next to a radiator or fireplace or in a sunny window.

Leaving your product close to a source of heat will dry the wood very quickly and WILL make it crack as the moisture looks to escape from inside.

We have all of our products warehoused in a standard temperature environment for at least 12 months before selling them to ensure that any cracking from moisture movement is apparent well before going on sale.


Your wooden item needs to retain a certain level of moisture content to keep at its best. The simplest way we would explain this is to think of your wooden product like a fresh plant you have bought. If a plant is not nourished and watered it will start to dry out.

We care for every single wooden product in our care at least once a month with Teak oil. Teak oil will  keep it looking its best.

Teak oil, can be purchased at most hardware stores. Ideally source your teak oil in a spray form and simply spray some teak oil onto the product.


A question we are asked quite often is “can my product be left outside”?

Yes – the product is fine outside but would need treating occasionally. Although some customers prefer to let the product age naturally – the decision is really up to you.


We are often asked about odd colour patterns in the wood , this is a totally natural occurrence in handmade products and to a certain degree confirms the product you have is a genuine handmade item.