Green Man

These ear popular Green Man prove a hit time after time. Idea for inside or outside, they are available in various sizes

Forest Men
Forest Men. 1MH Designed to be hung of a wall or fence

The wooden carvings are available in three size, 1m, 80cm and 30cm. They are also available as full statues or half wall plaques.

These items are for interior and exterior use.

Product refs:

1 meter wall plaque: SAS/1MH – £40.00

50cm wall plaque: SAS/50mh – £25.00

30cm wall plaque: SAS/30mh – £15.00

1 meter statue: SAS/1MF – £35.00

50cm statue: SAS/50F – £25.00

30cm statue: SAS/30F – £20.00


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