The tastiest deli in York gets a window display facelift.

Its fair to say that everything in Henshelwoods deli looks great, from their yummy selection of over 70 different types of cheeses, charcuterie and famous homemade pates, to their tasty range of deli salads and gourmet sandwich selection, which I, but not just me, can declare to be the best in York!


Another reason why the Henshelwoods deli looks great is because of their new window display. The wonderful owners asked if we could design and build a display stand for one of their windows which looks out over the Shambles Market.

Based on measurements and an understanding of their needs we built them a three-step display stand that compliments the shop’s interior, using rustic, hand-sawn timber.

If you have a project in mind then let SASprojects help you. And if you’re in York and want a tasty lunch, or just a nice snack then visit the Henshelwoods deli. Don’t forget to compliment them on their new window display!

map_small10 Newgate



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