Our Shop on the Shambles

The Shambles Market in York
The Shambles Market in York

Exciting news! Just like Marks&Spencer and Sainsbury’s, SticksArtStones started life as a market stall; but now, like the two iconic retailers, SticksArtStones is now evolving from a market stall to a shop.

Unlike M&S and Sainsbury’s however, our small shop won’t be found on the high street, but at the bottom of the newly redeveloped Shambles Market in York.

The new area of the market will consist of six shops, three food outlets and three retail outlets; ours will be shop number 31 found next door to the Marks&Spencer fire exit, so in a sense, we are kind of following in the high street giant’s footprints.

But fear not loyal customers, we will still be taking part on our current markets, such as the Briggate Farmers’ Market in Leeds and the Wakefield Farmers’ Market. We will also be taking part at a number of premier shows and events throughout the year – visit our Events page for further details and updates.

SticksArtStones Shop on the Shambles Market in York
SticksArtStones Shop on the Shambles Market in York

Our new shop should be ready in about three weeks, which will give us enough time to furnish it. Our vision for the shop will follow our ethos of using recycled and up-cycled materials so the interior will hopefully do us proud and present our range of handmade products in a good light. We have even produced two large statues to stand proudly outside the shop, positioned either side of the doors to help grab attention of passer-bys.

We hope you will come and visit us when the shop is open. In the meantime however, please continue to support us by visiting our stalls in York, Leeds and Wakefield. And don’t forget to look out for updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you!

Jason & Dave


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