Wild Garden range

We have great news for those of you who love your garden and the wild life that visit it throughout the year.

Sample nesting box made from reclaimed Victorian Skirting Boards.


We are working on a range of bird feeders and nesting boxes that help you welcome the wildlife that stop off and visit your garden. 

Our Wild Garden (#wildgarden) range will be produced from a range of materials recycled to make the whole process as environmentally friendly as possible.

The designs will be rustic, so you won’t be able to purchase the type of machine-produced nesting boxes and bird feeders you find in your local garden centres. Instead we have designed our range to be as rustic – natural – as possible.

Materials used include off-cuts following tree surgery, salvaged materials often skipped on demolition sites, and on occasion, when possible we use drift wood.

Our Wild Garden range is incredibly priced, including mix-and-match any two for just £5. or large nesting boxes for only £10 – £15. But you will need to visit us to see just how great the new range is, and how great the prices are.

You can also follow us on Twitter @SticksArtStones #WildGarden


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