Shambles market in York

IMG_7730As many of our loyal customers will know, for us Friday is Shambles Market day in the wonderful and historical city of York. You can also find us there on a Sunday, too!

It’s a great market, with plenty of traders selling their wares, from handmade woodcarvings to knitted hats and locally produced works of art. You can also get clothing and a range of fresh food, including freshly caught fish, locally reared meat, as well as mouth-watering fruit and veg. There is even a father and son business on the market that will not only fix your phone, iPad and iPod, but also sell you a range of accessories for every make and model.

Dave and I love working in York; the people are nice and the city’s historic surroundings make for delightful vistas. The market team who look after the Shambles market, as well as the specialist markets that take place throughout the year make the whole process hassle-free and a delight.

This year Dave, Adam, Alex and I have been working hard to produce even more designs, as well as sourcing a new range of items befitting every style of home and garden. So make sure you visit our stall.

Currently the Shambles market is being modernised and developed, so you will find the market on Parliament Street for the time being. Personally we love it on Parliament Street. But then we also love it when it’s in the Shambles, so either way we are happy – that is as long as our wonderful customers keep buying from us.

So from all of us at SticksArtStones, a huge thank you to York, the Market Team and all our customers – and the city’s visitors. Personally I think our stall is a new attraction in York and York Tourism should promote us *wink wink*.






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