You have to hand it too us 

The value of something handmade.


There are many pros and cons for products that are mass-produced on manufacturing lines.

For one thing, products that are manufactured on-mass are made faster and are all the same, which means you get same as other consumers.


Products that are handmade however, can’t be made on mass, nor can they be made as fast as manufactured products. Plus you don’t get the same as everyone else.


Manufactured products are produced by robots, which means you get what the artificial brain was programmed to reproduce.


With handmade products that are produced by human beings, you get what that person sees at that exact moment in time – never to be repeated to the exact specifications as the previous version. Truly unique! Which would you prefer?

The great thing, in our opinion, with SticksArtStones is that all our products are either handmade or fair trade, or both*. This means you get individual interpretations of a design, making your purchase completely unique to any other – a one of a kind.


As most of you will know, we sell home ware, garden ware and personally wear, which are designed to enhance your home, garden or own sense of personal style and expression of fun and happiness – we are of course referring to our range of hand knitted animal hats, which almost two-thousand of you purchased last year *waving*.


We think this philosophy helps us to be different from a lot of other retailers and producers. We have the same level of passion as a lot of independent retailers and producers, but unlike some other retailers, we like – no, we love to be different – very different.


Just imagine when you get home putting your keys in handmade bowl made from the root of a tree; instead of a metal bowl that you purchased from Ikea or Next. Or how about decorating your conservatory with traditional handmade wooden Green Men, instead of reproduced prints you bought from B&Q or Argos.


Imagine visitors to your home walking around your garden and spotting handmade wooden garden gnomes, which took two-days to produce, instead of plastic gnomes that may of only taken 30 seconds to make by an automated robot in a Chinese factory.



We will never be as big as our high street retailing cousins, but you have to hand it to us for being completely different. Helping you to make your home completely different to your neighbours.




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