Creative gardeners think outside of the potting shed

Creative gardeners think outside of the potting shed

Only a few years ago, homeowners saw their gardens as places to plant flowers and shrubs. Nowadays however, homeowners are looking to their gardens as extension of their living space.


The trend now is to create a garden that reflects their personalities, as well as creating a space that they can sit in and enjoy on warm sunny days.


Gardens are no longer just for plants. Now, gardens have become a second living room for families and friends to enjoy.


One particular trend by garden-proud homeowners is to inject a little – or a lot – of innovative one-offs. Pieces of furniture, garden ornaments and even sculptures to help bring their garden alive and add interest and character.


When it comes to buying garden ornaments however, there are a few considerations that require exploring first. You have to think about your garden space and the purpose of your garden. If, like us, you have little children who like to run around the garden then investing in expensive – breakable items is not a great idea. Also, you don’t want something that can be seen from space.


We think you should be looking for items that settle in nicely and add a little uniqueness into your garden. Something that blends in, but which also stands out for the right reasons.


Think natural materials that will weather with the rest of your garden.


Look at investing in these handmade items. The feedback we get from customers is very positive.


Hand carved Wood Green Man Half Log, priced at only £35.00


Wooden Traditional Green Man Plaque, priced at only £35.00


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