Reyt Good Ales …and cyders …and now Wine for reyt good folk!

Reyt Good Ales …and cyders!

You can now visit us at

Not only do we sell wooden carvings of Green Men, animal door stops, bamboo ducks, pigs and sleep, as well as forest men plaques and statues – plus a whole lot more, but we now sell a range of ciders, or as we call them: Cyder and Ales – all locally sourced independent breweries from across Yorkshire.


So, the next time you see us why ask us about our range of flavoured cyders and traditional ales. In fact, you can now sit in your garden on a summer’s evening enjoying a refreshing bottle of Cyder while looking at your new wooden SticksArtStones carving.


All natural flavours include:

Blackberry Cyder
Blackcurrent Cyder
Whisky Cyder
Brandy Cyder
Strawberry Cyder
Passion Fruit Cyder
Chilli Cyder


And trust us when we say, each and every one is very – very – nice!

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